Ingenico Helps Nando’s give a Red Chilli-hot Omnichannel Experience to Their Customers

  • Payments
  • 11.07.2017 11:00 am

Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, has been selected by Nando’s UK and Ireland restaurants to provide its payment infrastructure. Nando’s, famous for bringing its great tasting PERi-PERi sauces from South Africa to the UK and go-to favoured restaurant of millennials, has responded to their customers need for speed and convenience by choosing Ingenico to implement a consistent payment experience across all channels.

Understanding that its millennial and Gen Z customers are increasingly looking for their PERi-PERi delights in a variety of other environments, such as home, work or on the go, Nando’s has selected Ingenico for its ability to provide a unique payment framework to complement their digital commerce transformation.

The solution deployed in Nando’s 350+ restaurants across the UK and Ireland includes the latest market-leading Ingenico payment devices as well as Ingenico’s seamless omnichannel payment processing platform. In addition, Ingenico brings Nando’s in line with the latest PCI compliance regulations through its best-in-class PCI certified point-to-point encryption, keeping sensitive customer data secure whilst routing millions of transactions safely through Ingenico’s payment services. 

By partnering with Ingenico, Nando’s is simplifying its internal processes, leading to greater customer insight – with cleaner data for analysis and a single customer view – to further improve CRM and loyalty benefits.

Ian Benn, Managing Director of Ingenico Northern Europe says, ‘Nando’s is one of the great brands of the last few years and we are enormously proud to be able to help them to make their customers’ experience even better.’

Ingenico has recently released a research paper; Omni-channel retailing: The Demand for Cross-Channel Payment Infrastructure Service. Download it here

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