Iliad Reveals Support for RTP and API Testing

  • Payments
  • 05.07.2018 05:24 am

Iliad Solutions’ latest release of its t3:Switch software is now available with full support for Real-Time Payments (RTP) and API testing for OpenAPI and REST based initiatives. 

The company has extended the solution, which supports over 50 industry formats, so that institutions can test these new standards in conjunction with the rest of an organisation’s payments enterprise.

As US Banks move to incorporate RTP, they will need to conduct extensive internal testing before certification to ensure that they are able to interact with the TCH environment, and also that internal systems are operating correctly ahead of engagement. Iliad’s t3:Switch solution supports this requirement in full, enabling an institution to test all the message interfaces and flows required by RTP and at the same time assure the various systems that form the banks payments infrastructure are operating as expected. In addition, institutions will have access to a full end-to-end test platform that can integrate all payments testing requirements into a single technology stack. 

Anthony Walton, CEO of Iliad Solutions, believes the company’s previous experience makes them ideally placed to help customers as the market rapidly evolves:
“Twelve of the fourteen member banks that first implemented Faster Payments in the UK used Iliad Solutions to ensure they were processing payments correctly across the whole organisation. A “point” solution for certification gives some comfort, but our view was always that this was only a small part of the QA process. Since then we have been able to use our experience to create a complete set of solutions for those developing and deploying Real Time Payments technology. Advances in technology also give us the option to deploy a full solution in the Cloud if required and as an SAAS solution.”

Alongside RTP globally, financial institutions are preparing for open-API banking initiatives such as PSD2 in Europe and the t3:Switch platform provides the ability to test APIs in full, in combination with all other payment formats. 

“The platform provides consistent assurance and compliments agile methodologies and DevOps to enable full and continuous automated regression testing. Because the platform is fully cloud enabled it can be deployed in many modes, allowing multiple test teams to test multiple systems in parallel” Walton said.

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