Fortumo Introduces Analytics Platform for Carrier Billing

Fortumo Introduces Analytics Platform for Carrier Billing
22.03.2016 10:45 am

Fortumo Introduces Analytics Platform for Carrier Billing


The mobile payments company Fortumo is launching Fortumo Insight, a payments intelligence platform for mobile operators.

Fortumo Insight helps mobile operators monitor their carrier billing performance and increase revenue from digital content.  

Fortumo Insight provides access to key metrics about billing in different functions within mobile operator teams such as launching, fraud prevention, business development and marketing. Mobile operators can get access to the following KPIs on payments in a clear manner:

1. Payment volume information (gross transaction volumes, total number of payments made and user activations per merchant)

2. Spending behavior information, allowing for the segmentation of users, adjustment of spending limits and blacklisting fraudulence

3. Payment success rates and reasoning behind unsuccessful payments

4. Overview of highest revenue generating items

5. Information about refund requests

Fortumo Insight aggregates information from Fortumo’s payments platform. The platform processes payments in over 90 nations for three categories: app stores, digital media and games. Carriers should launch and process payments in all three categories to maximize revenue.
Fortumo Insight has also launched an initiative called Uplift. “Uplift aims to provide carriers with information and education on how to improve billing performance, optimize the revenue and increase subscriber satisfaction,” said Gerri Kodres, Chief Business Officer of Fortumo. 
Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform is used by leading app stores, digital media companies and game developers. In order to enable global carrier billing for these merchants, Fortumo has partnered with more than 350 mobile operators across the world.

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