Form3 & Mambu partner to provide real-time cloud-native payments

  • Payments , Cloud
  • 31.05.2018 10:03 am

Form3, the cloud payments platform has joined forces with Mambu, the leading SaaS banking engine, to deliver a cloud-native and pre-integrated payments processing service. In an industry first, Form3 will provide access to real-time payments processing in the UK and Europe, integrated into Mambu. 

The partnership will help lower the barriers to entry for new players and help established institutions build for the future by simplifying what has, until now, always been a highly complex integration process. Financial institutions will benefit from a cloud-native integrated best-of-services offering that gives them the agility to adapt to market changes and consumer demands simply, securely and efficiently. 

“The growing acceptance of cloud services combined with higher customer expectations means we are in an environment where institutions are searching for quick and agile solutions,” says Michael Mueller, CEO of Form3. “We have individually partnered with clients looking to transform their operations through cloud-based services and our approaches to integration and speed of services are perfectly aligned. This made the partnership a natural fit.”

“Customers see real-time payment processing as a basic service and a necessity for any institution hoping to remain relevant in an increasingly crowded market.  Together with Mambu we offer clients significantly reduced time to value and market,” added Mueller.

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Goldin, CTO of Mambu said: “No single vendor can be the best at all components of a banking architecture which is why we partner with the best service providers to offer clients simplicity, ease of integration and speed.” 

“We have seen both established players and new entrants encounter difficulties building and adapting to the constantly evolving environment. In this market, which is hungry for innovative solutions, our partnership with Form3 is a game-changer. Together, our services give clients a powerful tool with which to both rapidly deliver and efficiently manage business change, reduce risk and future-proof their business,” says Goldin.

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