FIS Launches Access Worldpay Offering Global Merchants Leading-Edge Payment Options

  • Payments
  • 09.09.2020 01:37 pm

FIS® (NYSE), a leader in merchant and financial services technology, today announced its Access Worldpay gateway, a single point of integration for global merchants to quickly deploy a full range of advanced payment capabilities.

Access Worldpay provides a single API for merchants to access the most powerful, leading-edge payment capabilities in the world. When integrated with Access Worldpay, merchants can build their payment systems to meet the demands of modern consumers using advanced data analytics, tokenization and fraud protection to improve authorization and conversion rates.

“At Etsy, we give our community of sellers the platform to turn their creativity into success, but we also need to protect every payment for our sellers and buyers to shop with confidence,” said Austin Taylor, Director of Payments Operations at Etsy. “Because of the ease of integration, highly-secure tokenization and rich data analytics capabilities, Access Worldpay offered us industry leading differentiators — the ability to see and understand our payments acceptance rates across all markets, and what steps could be taken to optimize authorizations.”

Access Worldpay represents the latest step forward in FIS’ mission to provide smarter technology and streamlined access to a comprehensive suite of payment capabilities across the world. Access Worldpay leverages FIS’ cloud-based global failover network to provide world-class levels of scale, global reach and reliability. The gateway is able to process billions of transactions annually across 146 countries and more than 300 payments types in 126 currencies.

“Access Worldpay provides the tools merchants need to be nimble in the face of current challenges. It also brings the scale and easy integration needed to grow their online businesses globally, without the need to have numerous payment partners,” said Shane Happach, EVP, Head of Global eCommerce, Worldpay Merchant Solutions, FIS.

Merchants who integrate with Access Worldpay will also have access to Pazien, which offers consolidated reporting and data analysis across their global operations. Features like single-format reports and customizable alerts make data monitoring a streamlined process while bringing visibility to the most critical trends, transactions and activities, all available through one convenient portal.

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