EBANX Unveils EBANX ONE, Its Ultimate Payments Platform for Global Companies in Latin America

  • Payments
  • 24.05.2021 05:05 pm

Payments fintech company EBANX has announced today EBANX ONE, its ultimate payments solution for global companies in Latin America. EBANX ONE is presented as a proprietary and unique payment platform that allows global companies with local or international operations to connect to hundreds of payment methods in Latin America, in all 15 countries where EBANX operates – including the newly launched operations in Central America & Caribbean, and Paraguay. 

For the first time, EBANX ONE offers hybrid combinations of operational models in only one system integration: payment processing with international and/or domestic settlement, domestic and international payout. While seemingly simple, behind the scenes, though, the ability to effortlessly connect to the platform is a culmination of ground-breaking work from the fintech’s experts. 

Through the platform, one company can sell in LatAm countries, in local currency, and receive the settlement of collected payments in US dollars anywhere in the world, without the need of a local entity. It is also possible to settle in China, in CNY. Simultaneously, the same company can sell locally in LatAm countries and receive its balance domestically, also in local currency. 

All of this means that EBANX' merchants can rely on its services not only for cross-border payments but also for local transactions – including support for the end customer in the local language. With EBANX ONE, companies can expand to anywhere in Latin America, one of the fastest-growing digital markets in the world, quickly adding or switching between countries and operational models. 

"Through our unique connections with issuers, acquirers and card schemes, and our technology, we can deliver efficiency and special payment projects that are tailored for enterprise companies – and now with the flexibility of choice given back to them to implement global operational models or test new ones in the region," said João Del Valle, co-founder and CEO at EBANX. "Moreover, EBANX ONE offers 75-90% approval rates in Latin America. This is huge since international acquiring solutions hardly reach 50%. Most importantly, the platform supports more than 300 payment transactions per second, taking only one second, on average, to respond to requests," he detailed. EBANX ONE is live and already being used by some of the largest fintech's clients.

Founded in 2012, EBANX processes payments for large and middle-sized global companies that sell their products and services to Latin Americans, including Spotify, Uber, AliExpress, and over 1,000 more. The launch of EBANX ONE, more than offering a unique solution, is also revolutionizing the business model of EBANX itself. "This is not about a new feature; this is about a new EBANX," said Del Valle. So far, EBANX has grown at around 40% per year. In the next three years, with EBANX ONE and the expansion into new markets in Latin America, the company expects to increase its processing volume fivefold.

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