EBANX and Worldline provide payment solution to Spotify in Brazil

  • Payments
  • 30.07.2018 03:14 pm

Brazilians will now be able to pay for Spotify Premium with their debit card

Spotify has just released a new payment method for its users in Brazil. Now, Brazilians will be able to pay for Spotify Premium by using their debit card. The solution for Spotify to accept this payment option was developed by Worldline, the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry that offers different payment solutions worldwide and EBANX, a global fintech company based in Brazil that offers Brazilian and other Latin American local payment methods to global merchants.

Worldline is already a global payments partner for Spotify in more than 50 countries and enabled the feature in its global platform so that Spotify could process the debit transactions locally in Brazil. EBANX crafted the API and integrated it with the partner issuing banks in Brazil. At the time of the launch of this new payment option, debit card payments on Spotify's website will be available for clients of a selected group of banks in Brazil, but the three companies are working together to expand the integration to additional partner banks as well.

The debit card option will allow Spotify to reach new users in the country. For instance, people who do not have a credit card or do not want to compromise their credit card limit. When choosing to pay for Spotify's subscription with their debit card, customers will fill in their card's number, following the same process of a credit card transaction. No need for authentication numbers or PIN, which creates a much more frictionless user experience. Once the transaction is approved, the charge will appear directly on the customers’ bank account. The payment information will be stored and the charge will be automatically made every month.

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