Curve is now available on Android

  • Payments
  • 19.12.2016 08:30 am

Today we're delighted to announce the release of Curve 1.0 on Android! We've launched on Android with a brand new interface and a host of great features that current Curve users have been enjoying since we launched on iOS earlier this year, and we're excited to bring it to Android users.

Wondering what you can get with Curve on Android today? Here's a sneak peek:

With Curve, you can upload and spend from your favourite bank cards in one place. Simply scan your card, verify it's you with some quick security checks, then start spending on all your cards through Curve. When spending through Curve, you'll get access to instant notifications for every transaction you make, the ability to load cards in up to 15 currencies worldwide, super low foreign exchange fees, plus a host of money management features - all in one place.

Get a single view of your transactions across all your cards in the app

Want to get to know your money a little better? In addition to sending you notifications on your purchases, we also store it in a handy timeline view for you to scroll through, enabling you to better manage your money. See where you've spent, when you spent it, and how much you were spending.

Coming soon to Android, you'll be able to categorise, add notes, and take photos of receipts for each transaction so you can expense on-the-go. We'll also be adding our brand new Email Receipts feature, currently available on iOS, to Android in the near future.

Search and filter your transactions by card, merchants, amount + more

At Curve we're here to help you get more from your spending, be it more visibility over your money, or more bang for your buck when it comes to earning Rewards. Today with Curve on Android, you'll be able to search through and filter your transactions in one neat screen - no matter whether you made it yesterday or 3 months ago.

With a couple of taps in the Curve app you can search and filter by anything from the card you used to pay through Curve, to the store you made a purchase at, to how much you spent on coffee this month.

Stay secure and in control by locking and unlocking your Curve card in the app

Whether it's left at your desk, on the train, or down the back of your sofa, we know that losing your card is never a pleasant experience. Sadly we can't magically make your Curve card reappear, but we can help make the experience less stressful - with Curve, you can take control and stay secure with the ability to instantly lock and unlock your Curve card with the tap of a button in-app.

Lost your card? Lock it in the app in seconds. Found it wedged between the cracks in the sofa? Open the app and unlock it, and get spending again. Take the stress out of losing your cards.

Refer a friend to Curve and get £5 Rewards once they start using Curve

Using iOS and itching to refer some friends on Android? Using Android and keen to get others involved? Now's your chance! Head to the card selector screen in the app and look out for your Curve Rewards card at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Rewards Card and share your personal promotional code with a friend - once they sign up and make a purchase with Curve, you'll both get £5 loaded onto your Rewards card. Spread the word and help shape the future of Curve.

What next?

We're excited to hear what you think of the Curve app on Android - we're looking to add even more features to the app in the very near future. Hear a little more about our plans from Curve CEO Shachar:

Please note that we're still in Open Beta, and currently only available to self-employed workers, freelancers, sole-traders and business owners. If that's not you, don't worry! We'll be making Curve available to you soon - we'll keep you posted. You can still sign up to Curve today and join our waitlist ahead of our Consumer launch planned for early in 2017. We're working hard to get you involved, and are excited for what happens next! 

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