Computop Recognised for Processing Secure Payments in Europe

  • Payments , Security
  • 01.03.2016 09:45 am

Payment service provider Computop will attend RBTE in London to discuss the security benefits of its recent Payment Card Industry Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) certification. An industry security developed by MasterCard and Visa to curb increasing theft and misuse of credit card data, the P2PE certification enables Computop’s Paygate solution to offer UK and EU omnichannel retailers a certified point of sale (POS) solution based on P2PE encryption.

Computop Paygate provides service providers and retailers with secure omnichannel payment solutions and robust fraud prevention for international markets. It has features especially designed to help increase mobile conversion rates, such as responsive order forms which change size and layout depending on the screen their viewed on. Computop Paygate enables retailers access to over 150 payment methods and acquiring banks including all relevant local and international payment options and interfaces for Mail order/Telephone order (MOTO), e-commerce, m-commerce and Point of Sale (POS). Computop Paygate can provide merchants with minute detail such as in depth analysis of transactions by channel, right through to a top level overview of the performance of a whole omnichannel solution.

Andre Malinowski, head of international business at Computop commented: “As businesses grow and add more ways for their customers to transact with them, it is essential they have a secure payment solution that can grow them and combine all possible payment channels in one. With Paygate, retailers can safely merge their retail and online shops run analytics from just one place. This kind of single service capability is essential to help securely manage refunds, returns and partial returns across Europe.”

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