Computop and Limonetik announce a partnership to help companies to process payments for platform economy

  • Payments
  • 28.07.2020 01:45 pm

Further expanding the scope of many years of working together, Computop and Limonetik are excited to announce that they have signed an agreement for jointly providing marketplace payment services to their wide-ranging bases of European clients.


Marketplace platforms are the growing force in Europe and the services sold via those range from taxi rides to airplane engines, from consumer goods to hotel rooms, from B2C to B2B and B2B2C. According to some recently published market research, Marketplaces were responsible for over 1.6 trillion dollars of online sales in 2019 and these numbers are expected exceed 7 trillion dollars by 2024 (


Recent events have seen many retailers’ existing supply networks disrupted whilst many companies are looking to digitalise their channels and to expand their services. Marketplace platform is a solution that can be leveraged by retailers (wishing to allow others to sell directly via their websites), government (see for example), local councils (e.g. shop local, providing high street shops an online marketplace to sell from), manufacturers and many more organisations who are positioned between buyers and sellers.


Our joint solution provides the best of both worlds: Computop is a well-established and respected European payment service provider and Limonetik is a fintech payment technology orchestrator who has been working with marketplaces in Europe from the early days of their development. Together we can deliver the best choice of payment methods whilst managing the complexities of multiple sellers, mixed baskets, split payments and various other platform specific requirements from PSD2 compliance to customer checkout preferences.


Stephan Kück, CEO at Computop, said: “With the growth in marketplaces and a clear demand for platforms that allow multiple sectors to take advantage of e-selling benefits, now is the apposite moment for us to work together with Limonetik. Our combined expertise will ensure first-class payment support for every sector and the reassurance of knowing they can rely on us as they expand their interests internationally.” 


“With platform economy expanding into every sector of commerce, be that between businesses, businesses and consumers or between individual contributors and consumers, such as is the case with the gig economy, a robust and flexible marketplace payment infrastructure is a key to success” adds Christophe Bourbier, CEO of Limonetik. “We are delighted to offer our joint solution with Computop to marketplaces, retailers, manufacturers and any other platform businesses in Germany, France, UK and other European markets. In the times when many platforms are looking for change and upgrade, we are here to help!”

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