BW-Bank To Extend Its Contract With Worldline

  • Payments
  • 06.08.2015 01:00 am

The bank came to its decision based on the longstanding and successful collaboration between the two companies. Worldline has managed issuing processing for the bank’s extensive range of cards for the past 17 years. Now, in addition to extending the existing service, development and introduction of innovative and future-oriented solutions are in the pipeline.

During 17 years of close teamwork, Worldline has managed issuing processing for BW-Bank’s extensive range of cards, which differ depending on customer needs for additional card functions and terms of payment. Based on Worldline’s seamless and world-class service, BW-Bank has decided to continue and expand services provided by Worldline’s customer contact center. This will include application processing services, cardholder and chargeback services.

Under the extended issuing processing contract Worldline will perform a series of new services. Worldline handles all the credit cards ranging from co-branded-cards, the bank’s own cards to prepaid cards via its technical platform, while also providing various other services such as management of contactless cards. The Company uses the internationally recognized “3D-Secure” service to ensure secure processing of web-based bank card payments. Furthermore, the bank’s customers can already use the "Self-Selected PIN" service, by which they can set their own PIN codes at any time.

The Company also administers real time scoring for the Payback-Portfolio and payment of loan instalments with the Worldline front office system.

Wolf Kunisch, Worldline Managing Director for Financial Processing & Software Licensing and responsible for Worldline Germany & CEE, said: “Extending our longstanding contract is the result of close and fruitful teamwork with BW-Bank. We have demonstrated over many years to the bank that they can count on our card processing expertise and it was our dedication to continue this long-term partnership and support BW-Bank with innovative and future-oriented solutions that swayed the bank’s decision."

Helmut Dohmen, BW-Bank Business Unit Manager Private Customers/Private Banking Stuttgart Region, added: "We regard Worldline as a reliable and innovative partner and have enjoyed valuable issuing processing support for many years that we would now like to continue and expand. We will successfully meet future challenges together."

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