Buy with Affirm Option is available to Shopify merchants

  • Payments
  • 21.08.2015 01:00 am

Affirm, the financial technology company led by PayPal Co-Founder Max Levchin, today announced that Buy with Affirm, a payment option for consumers, is now available to merchants on Shopify, a leading cloud-based multichannel platform.

The integration will provide Shopify’s U.S. merchants with the ability to offer shoppers installment financing at checkout.

Shopify’s platform is used by retailers to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, and Buy with Affirm will offer shoppers a new way to get real-time, affordable financing online at checkout. Buy with Affirm lets shoppers purchase and receive the items they want now, and pay for them in monthly installments with transparent, simple interest loans.

"We are dedicated to providing the tools needed for our merchants to successfully run their businesses," said Andrew Paliga, Product Manager at Shopify. "We're excited that the Buy with Affirm payment option is now available on our platform."

Many online retailers using the Shopify platform had requested the ability to offer Affirm financing to their consumers. Affirm responded to this demand by quickly building the technology to support Shopify merchants. Now that Affirm is listed as one of Shopify’s extensive list of platform partners, Buy with Affirm can be offered by all Shopify merchants.

“Affirm has been bringing financing to top, innovative merchants across the web, and we have been driving increased checkout conversions, higher average order values, and repeat purchasing,” said Levchin. “Now we're excited to introduce this powerful tool to Shopify merchants, all with just a few clicks.”

Today, Affirm installment loans are available at hundreds of e-commerce sites across all verticals, and are popular among consumers who are looking for budget flexibility. Online merchants have experienced increased average order values (AOVs) by up to 80 percent and conversion rates by more than 20 percent, all by providing consumers with access to Affirm’s fairly-priced, real-time financing.

“We needed a way to provide rock-solid financing for our customers,” said Robbie Jack, Growth Manager of electric longboard maker, Boosted, a merchant on the Shopify platform. “Something that was trusted, easy to use, and easy to integrate with our e-commerce site. Affirm was the obvious choice.”

Affirm’s integration with Shopify furthers Affirm’s mission to provide honest, fair financing to consumers so they can purchase the items they want from the brands they love.

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