BlueVenn to Help Small World Financial Services to Build Deeper Customer Relationships

  • Payments
  • 16.12.2020 04:20 pm

BlueVenn, the international Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, today announces that Small World Financial Services, which offers fast, secure worldwide payment services to individuals and businesses alike, has selected BlueVenn to help it further develop its unified customer experience across the brand.

Using BlueVenn’s global Single Customer View capability, the global money transfer operator will be able to generate actionable insights through the vast amount of customer data at its fingertips, to drive deeper customer engagement. Small World handles more than 15 million worldwide transactions every year across its digital and physical estate on three continents, and will use these customer touchpoints insights to execute omni-channel, global brand campaigns, in a secure and consistent environment.

BlueVenn’s CDP creates a two-way data flow between individual customer profiles and the full spectrum of branded marketing channels, enabling the agile creation of appropriate marketing messages. By implementing this technology, Small World Financial Services will ensure that customers enjoy a unified experience across all channels, which will encourage them to build a more robust, intimate relationship with the brand. 

Nick Day, Small World Financial Services’ CEO, said: "Small World has always focused on developing strong relationships with our customers across our branches, digital estate and via our agents. The adoption of BlueVenn as our global CRM solution is an important component of our data driven, omni-channel view of our rapidly growing customer base."

Steve Klin, CEO of BlueVenn, said: “BlueVenn will support Small World Financial Services’ CRM operation, enabling the company to respond rapidly and effectively to feedback and deliver joined-up campaigns and a tailored customer experience. Our Marketing Hub will sit at the core of its retention marketing strategy, becoming the primary tool used to make vital online customer engagement decisions.”

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