Betway Taps Accuity to Streamline its Account and Payments Screening Processes

  • Payments , Infrastructure
  • 13.10.2016 10:15 am

Betway has selected Accuity to streamline its account and payments screening processes and help better identify financial crime risk, highlight potential sanctions breaches and flag potentially high-risk customers.

Tom Golding, Accuity EVP, Risk and Compliance, Product and Strategy, commented: “Money laundering is an increasing concern across multiple industries, and international regulations are becoming tighter as a consequence. For companies in the gaming sector, understanding the risk of doing business is the most important step in protecting themselves from facilitating financial crime.”

By implementing Accuity’s financial crime compliance data and technology, Betway is able to provide significantly more robust customer screening, strengthening the existing Know Your Customer measures that are in place within its business. Betway will be using an Accuity financial crime screening solution, Firco Compliance Link, together with our Global WatchList® data offering – a comprehensive collection of heightened risk lists from all major sanctioning bodies, law enforcement agencies and financial regulators worldwide and including adverse media and enhanced due diligence data.

Anthony Werkman, Betway Director, commented: “Betway operates in multiple regulated markets across the globe and it is important that we are constantly improving our understanding of who our customers are in all jurisdictions. Compliance and anti-money laundering are at the heart of Betway’s growth and vision, which is why this partnership with Accuity is so important.”

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