Bell ID First to be Certified for Cloud Mobile Payments by Three of the Largest Payment Schemes

  • Payments
  • 30.09.2015 01:00 am

Mobile payments specialist, Bell ID, today announces that its host card emulation (HCE) mobile solution has been certified by three of the largest global payments schemes. Bell ID is the first vendor to receive approval from three schemes for its HCEplatform, offering its customers the broadest range of options available on the market today.

The HCE specialist’s software manages the lifecycle of virtual cards, keys, certificates and NFC payment credentials in a secure, remote environment rather than in the mobile device, providing banks with the independence and control to manage customer payment assets.

“Bell ID was among the first to market with an HCE solution with Secure Element in the Cloud back in 2013, so we’re delighted to report a repeat performance in achieving compliance with the scheme’s specifications,” comments Pat Curran, Executive Chairman at Bell ID. “Despite the market’s rapid development, cloud-based mobile payments remain in their infancy so, understandably, issuers are seeking quality and interoperability reassurances both from third party vendors and the payment networks. The validation of our cloud-based payment solution in this way provides peace of mind that our application meets the major schemes’ worldwide functional and interoperability requirements.”

Bell ID® Secure Element in the Cloud provides the functionality to complete transactions through a remote secure element using a standard EMV contactless terminal and acceptance infrastructure. When consumers tap their phones to make transactions, card credentials are safely accessed and used securely to perform the transactions with the point-of-sale terminals. The data is presented in the same format as in a standard physical contactless card-present transaction.

In order to achieve these certifications, Bell ID was subjected to a number of stringent security and functionality reviews. The platform is aligned with global requirements supporting, for example, multiple application identifiers (AIDs) in the same funding account, in line with the specific requirements of the US market.

To find out more about mobile cloud payments using HCE, visit the Bell ID website. Bell ID’s full suite of mobile solutions supports cloud-based solutions using HCE, EMVCo tokenization, trusted services management (TSM) for SIM-based projects and for embedded secure element solutions.


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