Bankart Selects IXOPAY

  • Payments
  • 26.05.2020 07:00 am

Last year Bankart put out a request for proposal (RFP) for a new Payments Orchestration Platform provider. IXOPAY is delighted to announce that after a long and competitive tender process it has been confirmed as Bankart’s new provider. Key criteria in Bankart’s decision were IXOPAY’s extensive feature set, maturity, and flexibility.

Bankart is a leading payments company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It provides ATM, POS, card, online, mobile and SEPA processing services to more than 20 banks and other financial institutions in six countries across Southeastern Europe with the aim to simplify the complexities of payments for local merchants and consumers. As a White Label client, Bankart uses IXOPAY to process all online payment transactions for nearly 1.000 merchants in the CEE region.

During the implementation phase, IXOPAY specifically developed plugins for the most common eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and OpenCart. This facilitated migration significantly, and will enable new merchants to onboard quickly. Furthermore, the IXOPAY team built a direct, ISO-8583 based adapter to Bankart’s authorization system, underlining the integration capabilities of the platform.

“Banks are increasingly recognizing the importance of eCommerce Ecosystem as a key component of their future competitive edge. To successfully address higher and more demanding customer expectations, banks have to be agile and adaptive enough to stay competitive in a world where constant change is the new normal”, says Dr. Rainer Schamberger, Bankart’s CMO (Chief Market Officer). “In Bankart we are fully aware, that eCommerce is not only the new normal, but a strategic priority on ours and our customers’ agenda. Therefore we were looking for a strategic partner and found one in IXOPAY. With its high level of maturity and flexibility, IXOPAY has proven to be the right and long-term choice.“

“We believe in trust, speed, and independence, which is why we are such an organic fit for Bankart, who constantly strive to simplify the complex payments ecosystem for their customers,” added Rene Siegl, Founder & Executive Chairman of IXOLIT Group. “By working together with Bankart we are proud to prove once again that our IXOPAY Platform is both: built to evolve and fit for purpose, even for complex, licensed financial institutions.”

With the addition of Bankart – a trusted payments brand – to its client portfolio, IXOPAY is further establishing itself as an innovation leader in the Payments Orchestration Platform market.

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