AllthatSoft brings AppServo™ to the market to increase business productivity and customer satisfaction

  • Payments , Mobile Banking , Security , Financial
  • 16.02.2017 10:45 am

This month, AllthatSoft, a leading mobile security solution provider, with headquarter in San Francisco, introduces AppServo™, its novel mobile app protection solution. As a progressive technology supplier, the company participates in RSA Conference 2017, the world’s leading information security conference, and demonstrates its advanced mobile app code protection solution.

Mobile applications are fast revolutionizing the way people do financial transactions and have become an important part of business for financial institutions. Effective and secure mobile app protections are highly associated with return on investment and repeated customer traffic.

AppServo™ offers specialized solutions for mobile applications such as mobile payment and mobile banking.

“We are very delighted that AppServo™ has finally become commercially available, bringing an unmatched security solution to app driven financial services and banking. With the release of the AppServo™ 1.0 which includes Self-Randomization on app codes along with code-splitting technology supported by exclusively recognized intellectual properties worldwide, as well as key features such as packing & anti-analysis obfuscation tools, we will continue to demonstrate our innovation & dedication to helping safer connected IoT communities & our industrial customers significantly enhance the security level of their mobile gateway transactions,” said Sunny Lee, Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder.


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