Refinitiv & Quod Financial Launch the Next Iteration of Data-Driven Trading Technology

  • Online Trading , Data
  • 24.11.2020 04:59 pm

Refinitiv has entered into an agreement with Quod Financial to provide a joint multi-asset trading solution for brokers, banks and market makers. This new sell-side OMS solution powered by Quod Financial is available now in Asia, Europe and the US, powered by Refinitiv’s data feed solutions and leveraging Refinitiv’s connections to the sell-side and buy-side community.

This fully managed sell-side OMS solution will provide a complete Front to Middle product offering encompassing Data, FIX and execution networks. With features which include comprehensive pre-trade risk, order routing and order management, algorithmic trading, smart order routing, middle-office, trade reporting, and analytics. In addition, Refinitiv and Quod Financial are launching joint research and development to bring to market the future of data-driven trading technology and machine learning. 

“The sell-side is ripe for disruption with many incumbent providers failing to shift from legacy technology solutions that are no longer cost effective or fit for purpose within current market conditions,'' said Ian Mawdsley, Head of Equity Trading Proposition, Refinitiv. “In seeking to promote our data, desktop and connectivity solutions, Refinitiv has found the perfect strategic partner in Quod Financial and look forward to together taking the next steps in providing trading solutions to the sell-side of the market.”

“Our strategic agreement with Quod Financial very much complements our existing trading strategy.  Collaboration and partnerships with firms that enhance our trading capabilities is a key pillar of this strategy as we continue to expand our solutions across all segments of the trading workflow and asset classes,” said Rob Kirby, Director of Trading & Real Time Strategic Global Partnerships, Refinitiv. 

Medan Gabbay, Quod Financial, Chief Revenue Officer, said: “The trading technology market has seen consolidation and turmoil in the past 24 months. Sell-side firms are starved for the viable solution to address their current needs as well as position them for the future. This partnership is strategic for Quod Financial to offer an all-in data, network and OMS product to the market. More importantly, we are working together to provide the next iteration of data-driven trading technology and with it, the greatest leap of the past 30 years in e-trading.”

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