Customers Prefer Online Banks: the Financial Services Industry Needs to Adapt to Changing Consumer Demands

  • Online Banking
  • 17.08.2021 04:30 pm

Jonathan Allan, Chief Marketing Officer, Puzzel says: 

Online has reigned supreme across most sectors throughout the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that online challenger banks are now leading the way ahead of their incumbent rivals. It’s essential that the financial services industry continues to adapt to changing consumer demand by making smart investments to strengthen online offerings. From opening new accounts to processing claims or conducting live online consultations, banks need to ensure that all online touchpoints enhance the customer experience. With innovative live assistance channels, such as video and screen sharing, and AI-powered self-service tools, even the most traditional of banks can provide next-generation experiences.

Customers today want effortless financial services with personalised support available across all channels, all the time. They want the flexibility and freedom to choose the service channels most convenient to them, and to know their information is protected with the highest security and compliance.


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