Beta Systems Partners KPMG to Offer Identity and Access Governance Service Range

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  • 05.04.2017 11:45 am

Beta Systems IAM Software AG and KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft forged an alliance to cooperate closely on identity & access governance projects by linking the technological expertise of Beta Systems with the specialist know-how of KPMG. This will allow KPMG and Beta Systems to offer clients with technical consulting and software, provided by Beta Systems, with the auditing, tax and security knowledge of KPMG.

Identity and access governance as well as identity access management (IAM) are gaining increasing traction with executive managers. Regular reports of access breaches that cause damage in the millions to the respective companies underscore that most organizations are unable to effectively manage and control user access. Moreover, new regulations such as, for example, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to come into effect in May 2018 and trends including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or cloud adoption act as strong incentives to reassess the management of digital identities.

Identity access management involves the provision of access rights that, firstly, deliver a governance framework for digital identities. Secondly, a proper IAM system should empower organizations to make intelligent, risk-oriented decisions on when and in what context specific users may access which information and systems. IAM furthermore offers numerous benefits to end users and the entire business, such as e.g. a reduced TCO achieved by efficiently providing access rights and speeding up onboarding of new employees.

Beta Systems Software AG is the largest independent European manufacturer of enterprise-level identity and access management solutions. Beta Systems has been providing software ‘made in Germany’ to companies from a variety of industries including banking, insurance, production, commerce and IT services for over 30 years. The company’s access management solutions address the security needs of multinational organizations and help customers meet their respective compliance requirements.

The deep cyber security know-how of KPMG allows companies to identify and protect their key business activities in a world where constantly growing threats and ever more demanding legal requirements make it very challenging to stay competitive. KPMG supports companies in developing a sound identity management scheme that focuses on people, processes and governance.

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