Walmart To Unveil Bluebird2Walmart an Enhanced Mobile Money Transfer Platform

  • Money Transfers
  • 28.04.2017 11:30 am

Today, Walmart, an American giant multinational retailing corporation, has revealed launch of Bluebird2Walmart money transfer service via mobile phones, scheduled for beginning of May.

The new solution will enable accountholders of Bluebird to digitally transfer money for cash pick up at any Walmart store. Bluebird users can access the new service by visiting the website or by downloading Bluebird app on their smartphones. There is no need for money receivers to have a personal account on Bluebird. They just can collect it at any Walmart store, in a few minutes after the transaction is completed.

Earlier, Walmart has already introduced money transfer service, powered by Ria and delighted its customers with considerable amount of saved fees and ease of procedures. The new online service will also allow lowering transfer fees, while providing convenient and smooth money transfer experience. Moreover, company’s representatives promise price consistency with the new Walmart2Walmart prices, irrespective of the stores location.

Kristy Ward, vice president, Walmart services comments: “We are extremely proud of the significant savings our customers have enjoyed in the three years since Walmart2Walmart was introduced. For the millions of customers who rely upon transferring money to help family and friends – whether regularly or in times of urgent need – we know saving money on costly fees can make a big difference.” “Now, with even lower fees for Walmart2Walmart, as well as the option to send money digitally with Bluebird, we continue to deliver on our mission to save customers’ money, as well as time.”



















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