Technology Content Agency Copy House Expands to Europe

  • Management
  • 15.09.2021 10:30 am

UK based Technology and FinTech content marketing agency expands its operations to Europe thanks to high growth in 2021.

15th September 2021 - Copy House, an award-winning content marketing agency specialising in technology and FinTech, has expanded to Europe with the launch of Copy House Europe. This is in addition to landing a new client with social media giant Facebook.

Copy House has been on the rise since it repositioned its business and specialism during the pandemic. The company predicted a 60% annual growth rate at that time but has since surpassed this, having reached a projected growth rate of 280% for 20/21. Due to this rapid growth of clients and employees, Copy House has grown by 900% since it first launched in 2019.

As 38% of Copy House’s clients are based in Europe, Copy House has launched Copy House Europe. This will help the company better cater to all its European clients, reach new and fresh talent by hiring outside of the UK, expand its collective language pool, and further increase its European clientele.

Kathryn Strachan, Copy House’s Owner and Managing Director, commented: “I’m extremely pleased to formally enter Europe. Although we previously had clients in Europe, expanding our company into Europe allows us to capitalise on the growth we’re delivering.

“We’re excited to welcome the best talent Europe has to offer. Since the pandemic, many skilled workers have returned to their home countries, been made redundant or are looking for fresh starts within the creative industry. Copy House Europe will enable us to reach those people and create opportunities for them as well as those within our home, the UK. In addition to new starters, a large number of our team already have strong links to Europe and, due to our work from anywhere policy, they often work in other European countries, so it would be natural for us to strengthen our focus on team diversity and international culture.” 

Since Copy House first opened its doors, its team has grown from one person to 21 people, and counting. In the last six months alone, Copy House has added 14 new team members and the company has sourced some of the best talent from across the UK to deliver high-quality technology and FinTech content.

Copy House has also added 25 clients to its global client base in 2021. These UK and European-based companies include Klarna, Travelex, Cigna, Nutmeg, FICO and more. The most recent of these large wins is social media giant Facebook. Copy House prides itself on its 56.56% annual client retention rate, which includes projects as well as retained clients.


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