Phundex Delivers Additional Platform Functionality, Enhanced Pathways and More Comprehensive Helpdesk Content

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  • 10.10.2022 10:55 am

Phundex is pleased to announce a significant release, in line with the product roadmap of regular enhancements planned for 2022. 

We focus on client-driven design and functionality. Regular feedback and requests from clients have shaped the enhancements delivered in this latest release. 

"We started on this release in June and extended our regular monthly release cycle to be able to provide increased functional enhancements to our clients", said Heather Anne Hubbell, CEO of Phundex. "We are very happy to be solving challenges raised by  our clients over the past 12 months.” 

Phundex helps you to streamline and simplify administration and transaction management in a centralized hub, dramatically reducing time, complexity and costs through better connectivity and collaboration. 

Platform Enhancements 

Platform enhancements in this release include: 

Sharing documents with guests directly from the data room 

New temporary user licensing and the ability to switch users between regular and  temporary users

Copying completed documents and forms across Stages and Pathways – allowing  you to move existing information to new processes and transactions  

Recurring Tasks – you can now set tasks to recur across extended timelines, automatically  emailing team members when the next recurrence arises 

Ability to retain documents and data forms – this allows you to retain replaced  documents and forms in the data room even when you remove them from a specific task 

Pathway Enhancements 

We have reviewed our Pathways, updated the Pathway Template documentation and enhanced a number of Pathways. We have also added more templated documents to  existing Pathways and new Pathways including: 

• Data Protection Checklist 

• Data Sharing & Subject Access Checklist 

• Human Resources Department Requirements Checklist 

• HR Onboarding 

• HR Offboarding 

HelpDesk and FAQ’s Enhancements 

The Phundex Platform includes an online HelpDesk, with handy tips, videos, FAQ’s and details about each of our Pathways. We have updated our solution articles, adding more detailed information, screenshots, video help and documents to download. The  HelpDesk includes all resource material from our website and a chat feature to request more bespoke information or ask about additional features. 

"Phundex is the platform for faster, more efficient financial management, getting you to market sooner". 

"Prioritizing steps and repeating transactions without missing out steps can be extremely labour intensive," observes Phundex founder Heather-Anne Hubbell, a  former lawyer and banker who has worked extensively in the banking and finance industry. "Phundex enables efficient prioritization and the ability to replicate steps and transactions, simplifying the process and providing transparency and better governance". 

Request a demo today at, You can find a more detailed  description of the release contents and additional resources on LinkedIn Phundex |  LinkedIn or at our website

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