Mercury Digital Partners Announces Its First Automated Trading and Management Service at

  • Management
  • 03.07.2015 01:00 am

Coinado provides algorithmic trade services to accounts on Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Btc-e. More exchanges are planned to be supported in the future. will provide first class managed accounts at the top bitcoin exchanges in the world through its proprietary trading strategies. Accounts at bitcoin exchanges are owned entirely by the client, and permission to trade inside these accounts is granted to via API keys that allow for trade but not withdrawal or deposit. Coinado provides a full user interface to securely track returns, see daily balances, manage fund allocations, and pay fees associated with the service. All of these services are provided while our system provides highest in class latency to the major exchanges due to proprietary hardware and colocation with Level 3 backbone (5-8ms on average).

Coinado’s management strategy is algorithmic statistical arbitrage. An elaboration on its strategy can be found on In short Coinado requires two or more digital currency exchange accounts connected to its central server, and will book market neutral trades on behalf of the client in order to profit off of market volatility. Coinado operates as software as a service, and requires its clients to pay monthly invoices resulting from fees due to trades profitably booked. Coinado does not take bitcoin’s change in value as its own performance.

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