Leading Fintech Stax Expands Into Housing Space Through PHA-Web Partnership

  • Management
  • 21.07.2021 05:20 pm

Stax by Fattmerchant, the industry’s only complete all-in-one solution for managing everything in the payments ecosystem, today announces its partnership with PHA-Web, a fully integrated Public Housing, Section 8 and Financial Management software designed specifically for housing authorities. The partnership will enable PHA-Web users to accept credit card and ACH payments in an all-in-one platform efficiently and safely with contactless acceptance of rent and all applicable fees.

​​“We’re continuing to diversify our roster of SaaS partners at a rapid pace and expanding into the government housing realm is the latest example of Stax Connect’s versatility,” said Sal Rehmetullah, president and founder of Stax. “We are proud to partner with PHA-Web to offer customers an integrated solution that will allow them to safely accept contactless rent payments while getting paid faster and seamlessly managing their housing authority in an integrated, easy to use platform.”

PHA-Web provides housing authorities an affordable, web-based management solution to manage all aspects of PHA operations. By joining forces with Stax, users of the PHA-Web platform have the capabilities to get paid faster and offer safer payment options to their customers, while also speeding up the signup process for net-new and existing customers.

“Our partnership with Stax allows us to provide housing authorities with a contactless solution to collect rent payments, creating a more accessible experience for PHA-Web users and their tenants,” said Scott Gleason, President of PHA-Web. “With payments powered by Stax, we are helping housing authorities spend less time on rent collection and more time managing their property, adding convenience to their day and allowing them to get paid faster.”

For more information on Stax please visit, staxpayments.com, and to learn more about PHA-Web, please visit https://www.pha-web.com/public/.


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