Kymin Financial Services unveils robo-advice tool via Intelliflo’s iO

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  • 23.01.2017 09:45 am

Newport-based Kymin Financial Services has launched Kymin Direct, an automated online investment service via Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office (iO) Personal Finance Portal (PFP) for clients with between £1,000 and £50,000 to invest. Targeted at ISA and GIA savings, the service is competitively priced and does not involve clients interacting face-to-face with the team of advisers unless they request it.

Robin Hall, Kymin’s Managing Director comments: “The government’s FAMR review last year highlighted the gap in easy-access investment routes for people with relatively modest sums of money to invest. We wanted to do something to address this and Intelliflo’s Automated Advice offers the perfect solution.”

People choosing the Kymin Direct service will be guided through an online process to determine their risk appetite and then offered an appropriate investment portfolio supplied by SEI Asset Management.    

The easy-to-use risk profiling tools have been developed in partnership with Oxford Risk, who are leading experts in the field of risk and analysis, dedicated to the practical application of knowledge in risk and risk behaviour. 

SEI Asset Management is one of six fund providers with portfolios available for selection via the Intelliflo service. Other providers include 7IM, Architas, Legal & General Investment Management, Standard Life Investments and Vanguard.

Nick Eatock, Intelliflo’s Executive Chairman comments: “I’m delighted that Kymin has chosen Intelliflo’s system to run their Direct offering. The service has been designed to open up access to the much-discussed robo-advice market in a way that puts – and keeps - advisers at the centre of the process.”

Investments made via Kymin Direct will be available for selected Kymin advisers to view, so they can monitor activity. All investments and selections made will have a complete and comprehensive audit trail and Kymin has implemented an online limit of £50,000. Anyone trying to invest more than this amount at any one go will trigger an automatic alert to the Kymin team, allowing them to make direct contact to ensure clients are making wise decisions based on their financial situations.

Robin Hall comments: “We believe this service will complement our existing offering by delivering instant investment options without the need for face-to-face advice yet with the comfort of knowing that fully qualified advisers are just a click away should they be required.”

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