Jitterbit Accelerates Digital Transformation With New Marketplace For Partner-built API Integration Solutions

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  • 12.05.2021 02:40 pm

API integrations lie at the heart of every modern business, connecting hundreds - even thousands - of cloud and on-premises software applications and data sources. How those integrations are built and managed can make the difference between a company’s success and failure, between growth and stagnation. 

Increasingly, businesses are realising that maintaining the complex network of integration connections using just internal resources simply isn’t feasible. Integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) enables these businesses to seamlessly automate the creation and management of their integrations. 

Jitterbit's best-in-class iPaaS technology provides nearly endless possibilities for organisations looking to unlock the power of digital transformation and create 360-degree experiences for customers and employees. 

But one common hurdle businesses face is finding the right expertise to build solutions efficiently and cost-effectively while also incorporating best practices. 

Now integration platform provider Jitterbit is revolutionising the integration management space by launching anIntegration Solutions Marketplace. The marketplace enables Jitterbit’s technology partners to build and publish pre-packaged integration solutions and make them available to customers on-demand. 

End-user customers benefit because all integration solutions on the Marketplace are Jitterbit certified - removing all the reliability and security risks to end users of deploying open-source API integrations. The breadth of available integrations solutions means even the most niche of integration requirements can be met, with more custom integration solutions being added to the Marketplace constantly. 

For solution partners looking to join the Jitterbit Marketplace, Jitterbit’s partner development “factories” can help partners build and certify new solutions in four to sixteen weeks, depending on the complexity of the solution. These solutions can then be made available to customers via the Marketplace, opening up a new revenue stream for solution providers. 

Barry Flaherty, Head of Alliances (EMEA) at Jitterbit said;  

"Traditionally, end users with custom API integration requirements will approach a service provider or vendor and ask them to code a one-off solution. Alternatively, they might be able to find an open source solution, but have no guarantee that this is either reliable or secure. Our new Jitterbit Marketplace changes that completely. We have created a new ecosystem, where vendors and service providers can build on our platform repeatable integrations and make them available to multiple end users. At the same time, end users can be sure that what they deploy is Jitterbit-certified, removing all the risk that comes with working with open source alternatives or unknown partners.”

“The Marketplace is going to create a new network effect within the integration space - bringing together end users and service providers in a dynamic way, unlocking new opportunities for growth on all sides and accelerating the rate of digital transformation within companies", continued Flaherty.

Ian Robertson, Sales and Marketing Director at BrightBridge said;

“BrightBridge is delighted to be one of the first Jitterbit Certified Partners in EMEA to embrace the new Jitterbit Marketplace. This will not only give us an opportunity to work closely with other Jitterbit partners, but also build our own library of connectors around Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and many other ERP and line of business applications." 

“We want to help all of our customers deliver on their automation operating models, and being part of the Jitterbit Marketplace will be advantageous to our customers, first and foremost, as well  as enhancing our relationship with the team at Jitterbit”, continued Robertson.




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