BlytzPay and Auto Master Systems Announce Partnership

  • Management , Payments
  • 10.08.2021 03:35 pm

Integration of complementary technologies to boost collection process for auto dealers and bill pay experience for consumers

BlytzPay, a text-based payments and communications platform, today announced an integration partnership with Auto Master Systems, Inc., a leading dealer management system, to empower auto dealers to invoice, communicate with, and collect from their customers securely and in real-time via text.

“Partnering with BlytzPay just makes sense,” said Mike Downey, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Auto Master Systems. “By integrating with BlytzPay, we’ll help our dealers improve their collection process by shortening their payment cycles and reducing their collection costs. Our dealers demand choices in the payment processing side of the buy here, pay here and self-financing market. We’re allowing them to choose without losing integration features and costly hoops to jump through.”

The integration between BlytzPay and Auto Master Systems will allow both technology platforms to communicate seamlessly, providing dealers the ability to digitally manage the payments side of their business. Consumers will be able to do the following via their mobile devices:

  • Receive invoices and pay their bills
  • Schedule bill payments
  • Set up auto-payments
  • Pay one bill with multiple payment sources and different financial institutions

“We’re thrilled to partner with an organization as well respected as Auto Master Systems,” said BlytzPay CEO, Robyn Burkinshaw. “We’ve watched the world change drastically over the past year and a half, and consumers now expect a bill pay experience that caters to them. By employing BlytzPay technology, dealers can meet their customers where they are (on their digital devices) and engage with them in an easy, effective way.”

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