TietoEVRY and Qentinel Collaborate on Adaptive AUTOSAR Test Automation

  • Machine Learning , RegTech
  • 28.09.2020 08:21 am

TietoEVRY, a leading digital services and software company, and Qentinel, a leading provider of Robotic Software Testing solutions, announce partnership on Adaptive AUTOSAR software test automation.

In the automotive industry, software testing is crucial to ensure safe, secure and high-quality performance. Adaptive AUTOSAR standard is the foundation for embedded vehicle software development towards highly automated driving, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and over-the-air software updates. In practice, modern vehicle architecture is based on Adaptive AUTOSAR platform. As vehicle software becomes more complex and Adaptive AUTOSAR standard is still evolving, software testing is extremely demanding.

“With our automotive customers and Qentinel, we pioneer developing and testing Adaptive AUTOSAR based applications. The always-on and scalable cloud-based test automation platform together with up to date Adaptive AUTOSAR test libraries will increase the productivity of software development significantly,” says Adam Konopa, Automotive Business Development Manager driving TietoEVRY AUTOSAR initiative.

"We aim to provide Qentinel Pace with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform test automation support by the end of the year 2020. This will enable early adopters to reap benefits straight away," says Henri Terho, Chief R&D Evangelist at Qentinel. 

With ready-to-use Qentinel Pace - test automation platform specializing in Adaptive AUTOSAR and TietoEVRY’s supporting services, OEMs and Tier1s can speed up the development of modern vehicle applications significantly. 

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