BT finalizes acquisition of IP Trade

  • M&A Deals
  • 02.05.2017 09:30 am

BT has completed the acquisition of IP Trade, a provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions for trading floor environments and command-and-control dispatch centres, following approval by the UK’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA).

As announced on February 1, the acquisition of IP Trade will improve BT customers’ ability to unify trading and control room communications:

  • Teams will be able to collaborate across complex, global communities more effectively, using a blend of speech, video and messaging with the broadest range of fixed and mobile devices and applications.
  • Technology and operations groups will be able to integrate their enterprise systems with their specialist trading floor and control room IT and combine cloud with on-premise solutions in the way that suits them best. 
  • Firms will be better able to meet demanding regulatory compliance obligations.

Further announcements will follow as we complete the integration of IP Trade into BT.

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