LPA Hires Senior Advisor to Expand British and American Consulting Business

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  • 20.07.2021 11:30 am

 LPA Group, the capital market technology and innovation leader, today announced that Mark Reeves will join the firm as a senior advisor. 

Mark will be based in London and his focus will be to accelerate growth in LPA’s American and British software and consulting businesses, building on the firm’s strong client base in continental Europe. He will help develop new solutions for the complex capital markets environments, market infrastructure providers and the wider financial sector while building out a team inside LPA. 

Mark has more than 30 years in the financial industry, including senior roles at the National Westminster Bank, Deloitte, TCA Consulting, City Practitioners and Capco.

Commenting on his appointment, Mark Reeves said: “Consulting is very much about culture and style. It’s important that a consultant is matched to a company that is closely aligned to their values. I’ve found a really positive ethos at LPA, which is why I believe this will be a beneficial relationship. I look forward to working in this progressive culture focused on assisting clients and helping to improve performance. I believe LPA has much to offer the market and more importantly to its clients and stakeholders.”  

Peter Schurau, CEO at LPA commented: “Introducing new software systems into banks of any size is a complex role. There are a vast number of internal stakeholders, departments and executives who hold both approval and veto power over decisions. That’s where Mark will add value to LPA. His expertise in communicating across functions and clearly articulating the value of change throughout large organizations will open up new opportunities to fully demonstrate LPA’s value to financial institutions seeking to be more agile and client focused.” 


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