Wishworks reaches consulting & reseller gold partner status with hortonworks

  • IT Innovations , Infrastructure
  • 28.03.2017 10:00 am

WHISHWORKS, the global IT services company that designs, builds and supports technology for the data-driven enterprise, has achieved gold reseller and consulting partner status with Hortonworks, a leading innovator of the connected data platforms that allow customers to create actionable intelligence for business transformation. 

WHISHWORKS attained gold partner status by demonstrating increased skill and knowledge and earning accreditations and certifications through its Big Data Centre of Excellence. The WHISHWORKS approach to Big Data benefits business in a variety of ways. From strategy and infrastructure, to data governance and the creation of tools and assets for predictive modelling.

"Hortonworks and WHISHWORKS have delivered a number of successful joint engagements, ensuring customers are successful in realising the value of all their data with connected data platforms. We congratulate WHISHWORKS for investing in Hadoop skills and therefore reaching the elevated status of gold partner," said John Kreisa, VP International Marketing at Hortonworks.

WHISHWORKS provides services to a number of industries, each with its own unique requirements for data-driven intelligence. Whether they are a retailer seeking to build loyalty, a healthcare company seeking a single view of the patient, or a manufacturer looking to sharpen their quality control, WHISHWORKS is there to help them monetise their data.

Suman Konkumalla, Chief Strategy Officer at WHISHWORKS, said, "Hortonworks manages the world's data by creating, distributing and supporting enterprise-ready open data platforms and modern data applications. It is entirely open source and focused on driving innovation in open source communities such as Apache Hadoop, NiFi, and Spark. Together WHISHWORKS and Hortonworks help clients harness the business intelligence that Big Data delivers, allowing them to grow and operate efficiently."

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