Tieto assisting Preem extend use of e-invoicing services

  • IT Innovations , Financial
  • 13.03.2017 09:15 am

Tieto has widened its partnership with Preem, the largest fuel company in Sweden, for the extension of e-invoicing services. The increased use of e-invoices is expected to save Preem 1,1 million SEK over a 25-month period and further boosts the company’s environmental efforts by decreasing the use of paper.

The new deal gives Preem the ability to send electronic invoices to all clients and suppliers directly through their Internet bank, even if the receiver does not have its own e-invoicing service.

“We are excited to take the next step toward a fuller use of electronic invoicing with the help of Tieto. We have already seen the benefits of these services, both as a cost-saving measure and as another part of our efforts to help shape a greener future,” says Susann Jansson, Business Support at Preem.  

The deal is an extension of a previous three-year partnership between Tieto and Preem.

By increasing their use of e-invoicing, Preem also simplifies the payment process for many of its own clients. Electronic invoicing reduces the need for manual processing and the risk of human errors, meaning both the sender and receiver save both time and money.

“We are excited to see Preem lead the way for major Swedish companies by embracing the use of these increasingly popular services and the environmental benefits they produce. The extension of our deal demonstrates the value of our partnership for both Preem as well as for their customers,” says Jonas Stålenhag, Sales Manager at Tieto

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