Tech City residents held a meeting with PMF representatives

  • IT Innovations
  • 30.01.2010 09:00 am


The Professional Managers of the Future (PMF) community held a meeting with the representatives of companies from the Internet industry to discuss the capacity and profitability of high technologies employed in UK businesses.

Set up in 2009, the PMF comprises a community of entrepreneurs, top-managers as well as others involved in the professional development of managers. It’s purpose is to deal with the outcomes of the economic crisis by improving the qualifications of company managers and evaluating and hopefully influencing Government initiatives. The PMF community currently has around 30 members. 

The meeting, which took place in February 2010, saw representatives from companies such as Poke London, Redmonk, Rummble, Squiz, Techlightenment, BrightLemon in attendance. They and members of the community, along with other invited attendees, took part in a lively panel discussion.

Leader of the PMF community, Mr George Wharton, told delegates: “We are glad to have visited Tech City and the opportunity at today’s meeting to get acquainted with successful managers and ambitious entrepreneurs from all over the UK and to make ourselves known to them. It also has a practical value – to examine the updated Digital Britain Final Report which has just been published, which we discussed initially with its authors last year. Tech City is a fertile ground for studying what a business needs in terms of management, what difficulties it experiences and how it tries to solve them. We are very interested in absorbing the new report’s findings and offering our help and support.

The changes in the Digital Britain Final Report were discussed in detail, as well as examining the new challenges it presented for managers working in the changing business digital world first posed in 2010.

The Tech City delegates warmly welcomed their colleagues in the PMF and thanked them for their initiatives. All in attendance approved the changes suggested in the report and it was decided to ‘take a snapshot’ of the relevant skills of a modern manager to help the Government in its programme to prepare specialists to work in today’s new digital business conditions.

Delegate Leon Tong, from BrightLemon, commented: “It is great that there are such people who are ready to talk about the quality of management and not just about the quality of a product we produce, which is so often the case.They are on the threshold of a great innovative period and I’m pleased that we have the chance to get to know the PMF community. I for one look forward to working together for improvements in our businesses and indeed within the country in general.”


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