Mendix to Unveil its vision for Driving Digital Innovation at Mendix World 2016

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  • 11.05.2016 11:00 am

Mendix, a leading application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) provider, announced it will unveil its vision for driving digital innovation at Mendix World 2016, June 7-8 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The future of business applications, Smart Apps enable digital enterprises to put their connected things, devices and algorithms to work. Mendix’s Smart Apps vision and Digital Innovation Platform to support their rapid delivery will be covered extensively in the event’s keynotes, tracks and 24-hour hackathon.

From Web to Mobile to Multi-Channel to Smart Apps

Over the past decade, business applications have evolved significantly, from web applications to mobile apps to multi-channel apps that run seamlessly across platforms and devices. Despite these advancements, applications remained passive, awaiting input and direction from end users.

The converging mega-trends of Internet of Things (IoT), big data and machine learning have led to the emergence of the next generation of business applications: Smart Apps. Unlike their predecessors, Smarts Apps power innovative digital enterprises by being:

  • Intelligent – They make recommendations and guide users and things to take the next best action
  • Proactive – They predict what’s likely to happen and automatically trigger workflows, tasks and notifications, telling users what to do when
  • Contextual – They’re personalized, aware of users’ location, embedded in their processes and available on any channel/device

Discover Mendix’s Vision for Smart Apps at Mendix World 2016

At Mendix World 2016, Mendix will unveil its vision for Smart Apps and launch major platform innovations to support their rapid delivery. While current discussion around IoT, big data and machine learning is largely technical, Mendix will share how enterprises can unlock business value by building rich experiences on top of connected devices and proprietary algorithms to transform their operations, products and business models.

Mendix’s Smart Apps vision and enabling platform capabilities will be covered extensively throughout the Mendix World agenda, including in keynotes from Mendix CEO Derek Roos and CTO Johan den Haan, in the platform and strategic trends breakout tracks and during the 24-hour, IoT-themed hackathon. In addition, an impressive lineup of customers will share how they’re leveraging Mendix to rapidly deliver innovative Smart Apps in support of digital transformation initiatives, including:

  • KLM – Hans Luijendijk, Director Business Enterprise Architecture & Strategy, will share AFI KLM E&M’s vision vision for digitally enabling its engineers, including how they leveraged the IoT to build a real-time equipment tracking app that’s generating significant efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Hortilux Schréder– Cees-Jan van den Dool, Chairman, will share how the lighting manufacturer for the horticulture industry built a Smart App that leverages IoT sensors and predictive analytics to perform predictive maintenance and optimize lighting, power consumption and plant photosynthesis.

Premier Sponsors Underscore Open Platform Ecosystem for Rapid Smart App Delivery

Mendix also announced today Premier Sponsors for Mendix World 2016, including leading cloud platform providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and Pivotal, as well as SI and consulting partners Capgemini, First Consulting and KPN. Attendees will discover how Mendix’s Digital Innovation Platform enables developers to rapidly build Smart Apps without technical complexity. These sponsorships support Mendix’s vision for an open platform ecosystem, which offers the fastest and easiest way to build new user experiences on top of best-in-class IoT, big data and machine learning platforms and services. Read the announcement:

“The apps of the future cannot be built with the tools of the past,” said Derek Roos, CEO and co-founder of Mendix. “At Mendix World 2016, we are looking forward to outlining our vision for Smart Apps, how forward-thinking companies have already begun to build them and how our platform is helping enterprises take big leaps forward to gain competitive advantage.”

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