The Latest in IT, a New Ecosystem and a Renewed Momentum at This Year's CISIS

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  • 22.03.2017 09:00 am

The China International Software & Information Service Fair (CISIS), now in its 15th year, has long been considered the Chinese IT sector's most authoritative annual event with an international scope. The 15th CISIS will be held from June 15 to 18, 2017 at the Dalian World Expo Center in Dalian. This year's theme, "The latest in IT, a new ecosystem and a renewed momentum" reflects the focus of the event: the new hotspots across the industry and the new trends in development, with intelligent manufacturing, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as international E-commerce, leading the list. The event can be expected to put on a multi-dimensional display of the latest in Chinese IT technology and services. The discussions at CISIS's forums will look at the building of a new ecosystem for the industry from all angles and at the renewed momentum in terms of how the IT sector will bring about a new phase in China's economic development.

Visitor's to this year's CISIS will have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of business events covering many sectors, including 10 conferences, 30 professional forums and more than 10 matchmaking symposia as well as to visit the professional exhibitions spread across the 30,000-square-meter space. With the end goal of building an international resource aggregation platform for products, services, talents and capital, CISIS plans to have on display at least 2,000 products and 1,000 projects for the 10,000 expected professional visitors as well as delegations from 100 organizations and trade associations from all over the world. Some 800 service providers, 3,000 buyers, 1,000 high-end speakers and 200 media organizations, coming from more 50 Chinese cities and 30 countries and regions, have been invited.

This year's CISIS will be paying special attention to the news hotspots in terms of development across the industry and has divided the exhibitors into 10 special sections, each focusing on one of the new trending areas: international cooperation, intelligent cities, intelligent industries, intelligent life experiences, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent design, international E-commerce, intelligent synergies with hardware, entertainment in the digital era as well as a special "Creativity in the Digital Era" experience area. Visitors can perceive the incredible the development of future technologies with their eyes, ears and hands, as soon as they walk into the exhibition.

The theme of the event set the tone for the focuses on new and upcoming areas in the world of IT, among them, artificial intelligence, new and emerging IT technology, high-tech finance and intelligent manufacturing, all of which will be among the key topics of the 10 high end forums, with the ultimate objective of building a new industry ecosystem. On the schedule are the Summit Forum, the Trends Forum, the Outsourcing Annual Meeting, the Smart Manufacturing Forum, the Innovation Forum, the Entrepreneurs' Summit, the Education Forum, the Cross-border E-commerce Forum, the Big Data Forum and the Mobile E-commerce Summit, during which 20 leaders and entrepreneurs from the various sectors will be invited to give a speech or engage in a dialog with the audience in a move to spur audience members to start thinking creatively well beyond their comfort zones.

In addition, to create a social environment that will inspire conversations among the attendees, while meeting the multitude of attendees' expectations at all levels, the committee has especially organized 10 themed events, including the opening ceremony of CISIS, the annual award for this year's Top 15 IT companies, the ceremonial signing of cooperation projects, the IT talent recruitment fair, the networking mixer where visitors from abroad can make local contacts, the "Creativity in the Digital Era" Experience, the Dalian international mobile game competition, the IT community Smart Parkour competition and the guided tour of Dalian's IT firms. For more information on these events, please register at the official CISIS website:

CISIS is also dedicated to building an international professional exhibition platform. This year alone the organizing committee made inroads into 20 new markets in its quest for international cooperation, with forays not only into highly mature markets such as the U.S.'s Silicon Valley and Israel, many of whose most innovative firms will have a presence at CISIS, but also potential markets among them Russia and the Arab countries as well as emerging markets, a prime target being Mexico. New themes that have been added to this year's CISIS include artificial intelligence from Silicon Valley, a special display area and a matchmaking meeting for South Korean IT manufacturers, a focus on projects being started in new and emerging markets, as well as some sessions focusing on the commercial side of the IT sector led by experts from several Russian research institutes. More than 1,000 leaders, executives and officials from international organizations, governmental ministries and offices, IT and app development firms, national trade associations as well as leading IT and software companies from all over the world have been invited.

The host city of this year's CISIS, Dalian, a coastal metropolis and seaport in the northeast of China, is known in Chinese as "the Northern Pearl" and was one of the first cities in the country to get on the software and information services bandwagon. Dalian's IT sector has grown into formidable industry cluster consisting of Fortune Global 500, leading Chinese and numerous local companies. The city is an important center for information technology offshoring and business process outsourcing, as a result of the government's efforts to stimulate the industry in the city, as well as the country's sole designated model city for China's globalization of its software industry. At the beginning of 2016, ground was broken on the construction of the China Dalian Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area, making Dalian the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area in northeast China, with a focus on the Chinese government's "Internet +" program to encourage the use of the internet for business, marketing and sales purposes among China's traditional manufacturers and to attract more companies of all sizes, in a move to facilitate the growth of a new format in international trade. 

The organizing committee chose the month of June to stage the event, as June is when Dalian's weather is at its best, with pleasant temperatures accompanied by a cool ocean breeze, and, as a result of its seaside location, home to one of China's best environments. CISIS's organizing committee awaits the arrival of guests from all over the world. 

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