intec presents measurement solutions for Super Vectoring and at CeBIT 2017

  • IT Innovations , Infrastructure
  • 09.03.2017 10:00 am

intec, major European provider of xDSL, Ethernet and IP measurement technology, is presenting its high-end ARGUS® multifunction testers at CeBIT, the world's largest information technology and telecommunications trade show. All visitors are invited to experience the testers' performance on an actual street cabinet in live demos at intec's booth in hall 12.

The focus at CeBIT is on the successful All-IP tester ARGUS®162. The tester has measuring solutions for VDSL2 profile 35b - the new VDSL with frequencies up to 35 MHz, also known as Super Vectoring - as well as for The modem simulation (FTU-R) supports ITU-T G.9700/9701 with up to 106 MHz (profile 106a) and Time Division Duplexing (TDD), in which the DPU defines different downstream and upstream bandwidths. For measurements in hybrid fibre cablings (FTTB, FTTC, FTTH, FTTdp), the ARGUS®162 is equipped with an SFP slot which can be used with the appropriate SFP module for fibre-based Ethernet circuits or GPON as required. The ARGUS®162 also offers test functionalities for the most marketable and  rolled out  technologies, from ISDN and POTS to PRI/E1, ADSL2/2+ and VDSL2 Vectoring right up to GPON, LTE and Gigabit Ethernet. If needed, the ARGUS®162 can also be extended for copper and triple play tests (Data, VoIP, IPTV).

In order to meet market demands any given time, the functionality of the ARGUS® product family is constantly being expanded. For example, starting with Model ARGUS®151, all testers are able to update via the cloud, send test results to the cloud or load and install pre-defined configurations. Additionally, the ARGUS®165 has an SHDSL interface and can also, among other things, perform RFC2544 throughput tests.


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