Fintech Expert’s New Book Explains How a Human Touch Can Help Businesses Thrive in the Digital Economy

  • IT Innovations
  • 09.12.2020 05:50 am

Chartered Accountant and Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, Niels Pedersen, today announces the launch of his latest book, Financial Technology, where he cites research linking increases in staff-customer engagement with greater levels of customer loyalty.

According to Pedersen, this engagement helps businesses differentiate themselves in the eyes of their customers and although nationwide lockdowns have accelerated digitization in many sectors, customers still have a desire to interact with other human beings – not just digital interfaces. Thus, he explains how engaging with customers on a human level can help boost businesses seeking to recover from the pandemic’s economic fallout once it is over.

“While your competitors are busy micro-managing their digital interfaces, the customer is really looking for a human touch. When everyone is using the same gimmicks to optimize digital engagement, you need to go a step further and offer the customer a firm handshake in a world without social distancing,” says Pedersen.

Mr Pedersen decided to write Financial Technology out of frustration. The project began more than two years ago after he went looking for a plain-English explanation of blockchain technology and failed to find a satisfactory one. 

“Popular books about technology tend to be written by techies. I took the opposite approach by writing a book from a business perspective about technology. My aim was to help non-technical professionals understand the key technologies reshaping the world so they can benefit from this change,” he says.

Striking a balance between in-depth academic knowledge and practicality for commercial use, the book that demystifies key technologies throughout the fintech industry is now available on Amazon at:

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