Fidessa Establishes a New Slant to Fintech Innovation

  • IT Innovations
  • 20.04.2016 10:00 am

Fidessa published paper in its series on innovation in capital markets in which it introduces the concept of 'Natural Innovation' for the larger firms in this space. With so many of them investing in fintech incubators, innovation labs and startup committees, the paper points to a new way that leverages one of the most creative forces of all time.

In the first paper, Innovation Ecosystems, Fidessa looked at how ecosystems were an effective mechanism for firms to work with partners and integrate new technology into their own workflow. In Natural Innovation, the paper's author, Steve Grob, takes this concept a step further and illustrates how some of the underlying principles of natural selection can be used to direct and amplify the innovative process itself.

The latest paper examines how, at first glance, innovation appears to favour the smaller, more nimble players, and yet, just because a firm is small it doesn’t necessarily mean it is better (or even good) at innovation. Grob goes on to explain that innovation in capital markets poses some unique challenges that need to be overcome before good new ideas can move successfully from proof of concept to industrial-strength deployed workflow.

Finally, the paper shows that by guiding and managing change in accordance with some of the deeper principles of natural selection, larger and more established firms can, in fact, out-innovate their smaller, newer rivals.

Fidessa supports over 900 clients and 24,500 users around the world. The Fidessa network provides connectivity to 5,100 buy-sides and 730 brokers across 215 markets globally. Each month, the network carries flow with a value of more than US$1.7 trillion.

In September 2015, Fidessa introduced its Partnership Program and has since showcased a range of innovative new trading tools that empower the sales trader for the future.

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