Why Investfox is the Fintech Start-up You Should be Watching in 2022?

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  • 27.09.2022 02:50 pm

In recent decades, investing has become accessible to almost everyone. The growth of the Internet and other forms of technology have made it possible for people of any location and economic standing to participate in the global financial markets. The number of people who decided to become investors after the Covid-19 epidemic hit an all-time high. Newbie investors are still frequently bewildered and unsure of who or what to trust because of this.

Here's when a platform like investfox might be useful. To better inform its customers about financial investment opportunities and that's not all. The platform allows traders and investors from any location in the world to choose the best broker in the financial markets. Because of the company's big potential and the way it works nowadays, it should be stated, that investfox is one of the main companies that are worth watching in 2022. in this article, we'll give you even more information about the startup and the reasons you should take this company into consideration.

Already live

Since 2022, June 28, investfox started to furnish customers with several services, like financial service provider reviews, educational materials, related to the investment, and so forth. In addition to that, the startup has a great goal of making the investment industry transparent. How is this possible? The main idea behind this aim is to provide customers with unbiased information about brokers that play a major role in investing.

Fully funded through private equity

Another primary reason among others why you should watch investfox in 2022 is that it is fully funded through private equity, when it comes to reviewing websites, especially in the case of the investment field, many of them are affiliate sites, which means that the website takes money from advertising other companies. As a result of this, the information you can find on this website is not objective. In the case of investfox, which is fully funded through private equity, the company has no goal of advertising the company, but to provide customers with unbiased, transparent, and proper information about the way brokers work. For example, if there is a company X, which is funded by another biggest company Y, it’s most likely that X will advertise the Y services in a certain manner. However, that’s not the case with investfox, which since its inception continues to provide its customers with objective information with the help of industry experts.

Huge market size

Since every startup and company has some limitations, in the case of businesses this is defined by the market size. In the case of investing and online trading, we have a huge market. After covid, which had a dramatic effect on the marketplace, the market started to expand significantly. Since then, according to the forecasts it is going to grow even more. To be more precise, let’s look at the figures.

According to the reports from 2022 to 2030, the worldwide market for online investment platforms is forecast to rise from 2021's USD 1.88 billion at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 13.9%. Over the projected period, the market is expected to be driven by the rising acceptance of cryptocurrencies as an investment. More and more people are investing money online all around the globe, which is likely to fuel the industry's expansion. This means that investfox has even more potential to grow and become a popular website among investors and online traders.

Low-quality competition, which mostly consists of affiliate sites

The field where the investfox operates has low-quality competition, which even increases the chances for the company to become more and more successful in the future. Because of the low-quality competition, the startup isn’t going to slow down its progression. In contrast with that, investfox, with its team, is going to add more and more features, which will make the services more sophisticated for the customers. Usually, those companies' websites that are operating in the same industry as investfox are affiliate websites. This means that they usually advertise other companies' services and products in order to get funds from them. This makes them quite subjective, in contrast with investfox, for which the low-quality competition doesn't mean providing customers with low-quality services. Instead, the startup works 24/7 to make its services more and more appealing for both inexperienced and seasoned investors. It should also be highlighted that more strategic investments, which might be announced later this year, can be icing on the cake when it comes to startup success.

More strategic investments might be announced later this year

investfox is a privately financed company that has not yet received investments from the outside, but it is in discussions with a few companies that are interested in contributing to investfox's development via financial contributions and other services (e.g. tech, marketing, etc). So this means that the startup is going to become more successful and grow in the future due to the increasing interest from other companies and investors.

Clear product roadmap

Is it possible for a startup to grow and succeed without a clear plan of action? All of this does not apply to investfox since the company has a clear product roadmap. For example in September, the company plans to launch apps for Android and iOS users, which make the startup mobile-friendly and more comfortable for customers to use. In October, according to the plans, the startup is going to involve the user area and make it better. In November, the company will add investment opportunities finding tool, which can be quite useful for any sort of online trader.

Experienced team

investfox is headed by Konstantin Rabin, a person with over a decade of experience in the online trading sector. Konstantin has been behind a number of successful financial trading websites and previously has been running Finance Makers, an IT company that serves various retail financial trading brokerages. investfox editorial team is composed of 3 seasoned traders, each with experience in FX, crypto, and stocks.

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