Sustainability, Resilience and Investment - What Impact Does the Climate Emergency Have?

  • Investment , Management
  • 24.05.2021 04:30 pm

Businesses that manage assets are all facing similar challenges when it comes to their future planning - how do they respond to the changing climate, and how are they contributing to the growing social need to take action to stop climate change? Companies large and small are putting plans in place around ESG, and these are some of the vital considerations they need to weave into their every-day decision making tools and data.

Asset management - the coordinated activity of an organisation to realise value from assets - is being utilised by major industries such as infrastructure, energy and utilities, engineering, transport, aviation, pharmaceuticals and more. To help them define both the challenges and the solutions, the Institute of Asset Management is bringing together a global network of professionals for a three day event on the Climate Emergency. The IAM Annual Conference 2021 takes place on 14-16 June, 2021.

With a membership spread across 65 countries and 51 business sectors, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to provide organisations and individuals with the tools they need to lead the way and meet social and governmental expectations. Some of the big questions being asked are:

- How do we work together to tackle the climate emergency? What innovative partnerships and cross-sector coalitions are taking place to meet growing regulatory controls?

- What builds organisational resilience, and how does that affect the resilience of our social communities? How are we future-proofing the provision of critical infrastructure in the face of extreme climate events?

- How do organisations make informed, climate-centred investments? What information and data flows do they need to model green or fair transition financial investments?

This event will be completely virtual, allowing live attendance globally and on-demand content and communication around live sessions. Tickets and programme can be viewed online at

It is the Institute of Asset Management's hope that attendees will make lasting connections with other professionals, and take away insight and inspiration to tackle the climate challenges they face. They have an ambitious plan for 2021 to contribute guidance and resources to help organisations make clime-centred considerations in their planning and activities, and contribute to the major climate conference COP26 happening in November 2021.




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