Plum Expands Investment Offering in the EU with ETFs

  • Investment
  • 11.06.2024 09:15 am

Smart money app Plum has expanded its investment offering to include ETFs across its EU markets. Customers can now invest in diversified funds by geographical region, sector and asset class, as well as tracking multiple stock market indices from around the world. 

In partnership with Berlin-based fintech Upvest, Plum now offers its customers investments in EUR-denominated ETFs, including fractional shares. As a result, Plum is able to offer its customers a broader, enhanced investment experience in addition to the 3,000 US stocks it already offers.

The Easy® ETF range, accessible without a paid subscription, consists of three globally diversified ETFs tailored to different risk levels to help customers start their investment journey. The rest of the ETFs are available with Pro and Premium subscriptions, with more than 40 carefully selected funds on offer in total, such as CAC 40, S&P 500 US and the Artificial Intelligence ETF .

Victor Trokoudes, CEO and founder of Plum explains: "At Plum, we enable people  to build wealth automatically over the long term, and offering ETF investing is a natural step in that direction for our EU customers. ETFs allow investment in multiple assets at once, reducing costs and creating a more diversified portfolio. That is why we have carefully selected our range of ETFs to provide customers with a concise but high-quality offering that meets their needs without overwhelming them.

“By offering diversified, expertly created ETFs, we’re making it easier for people to invest in the sectors and regions that matter to them. When combined with the ability to choose an ETF tailored to your risk level, the offering simplifies our customers’ ability to build their wealth over the long-term with less effort.”

ETFs are available to Plum customers in France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece. 

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