OWL Analytics wisely joins the IOWArocks global data marketplace to deliver ESG data sets to the financial services community

  • Investment , Data
  • 06.05.2021 01:20 pm

IOWArocks, the global marketplace for data, tech, and services, today adds OWL Analytics to their rapidly expanding data marketplace. OWL Analytics is an alternative data company that focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research. They help investors integrate ESG data into their investment solutions with the goal of delivering enhanced investment results and positive social impact compared to benchmarks. 

OWL ESG aggregates hundreds of sources of ESG data and research to create company scores and rankings based on a stronger foundation of data, optimized to increase objectivity. They cover over 25,000 public companies across the world, publishing metrics monthly rather than yearly, providing more actionable data that can be integrated into real world portfolios. OWL ESG scores and ranks companies against their peers across thirty core metrics, including twelve key performance indicators that quantify company behaviour important to society. OWL ESG provides detailed company specific data on numerous ESG issues, controversial revenue screens, countries of concern, and UN Global Compact compliance.

Ben Webster, OWL Analytics, commented, "Across the world there is a huge focus on sustainability, and rightly so, but more specifically both financial firms and corporates are now faced with facilitating the impending SFDR enforcement. The new SFDR regulation requires financial market participants and financial advisers to provide clients and investors with certain ESG-related information in relation to the provision of their services. It also includes the marketing of certain financial products, using the mandatory disclosure templates (where applicable). This in hand with the EU Taxonomy, is aimed at helping investors understand whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable, is driving massively increased demand for reliable and regular ESG data. For us to meet demand we fully recognise the need to partner with like-minded firms In the Industry. IOWArocks presents an exciting new channel to market and unlike some of the other data marketplaces they are built on a strong foundation of proven technology solutions. This bodes well for us and we are looking forward to what's next!" 

Paul Watmough, IOWArocks CEO & Co-Founder, commented, "I am delighted to welcome OWL Analytics to our growing community. Their focus on ESG is very relevant right now and I can only see this space growing in the future. I am looking forward to opening our data consumer audience to these new and exciting datasets. A wise move for everyone involved!"


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