Investment Platform Comparison: Quanloop and Peerberry

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  • 16.12.2022 03:00 pm

Investing is a great way of earning extra money and generating regular passive income that helps with achieving various goals. From planning a vacation next year to saving money for your retirement, it is possible to earn enough funds through investing. There are numerous investment services available today. Thanks to investment platforms, even people with zero experience in investing can start earning money. There are numerous investment funds available in Europe, and it is important to evaluate all options carefully before joining. Read along to discover some of the services where you can invest money online.

Choosing an Appropriate Investment Platform

When starting your investing process, it is crucial to pick a reliable and accessible service. For European citizens, it is essential to choose from the platforms available in their regions to be able to deposit and withdraw money legally and conveniently.

There are some important criteria to keep in mind when choosing an investment fund to work with. You have to consider the minimum investment amount, annual return percentage, banking options available for depositing and withdrawing funds, risk management options, etc.

About Quanloop

Quanloop is an alternative investment fund originating from Estonia. Opened in 2019, this fund has already gained popularity among European investors. While its office is located in Tallinn, all investors from the European Union are welcome. Businesses can also be investors on this website. For individuals, it is necessary to reach the legal age to be able to set up a portfolio. Each money online investment from the users goes to the service before being directed to borrowers.


  • The minimum investment amount is only one euro. No charges need to be paid for investing here.
  • The yearly return percentage can go up to 15%. Investors can receive a 12% yearly return on average.
  • Because of high liquidity, the platform users can withdraw their funds every day. This solution is great for short-term investors that might need their money back soon.
  • A selection of investment plans is available for risk management. According to these plans, it is impossible to allocate all your money to the high-risk plan. Only a third of your funds can go towards the highest-risk plan, and half of them can be put into the medium-risk solution.


  • This service is not for investors that want to choose businesses and industries to invest in. All borrowers are picked by Quanloop.
  • No detailed information is provided about the borrowers on this platform.

About PeerBerry

Peerberry is a Lithuanian investment service available for all investors that own a European Union bank account. In addition, it is necessary to be 18 years old or over to invest here. Aventus Group is the main lender at Peerberry. Businesses and individual investors can work with this service. When it comes to money transfers, SEPA transactions are preferred.


  • The average annual return rate is 12% for investors.
  • The smallest investment amount accepted is 10 euros. This makes investing accessible for most EU citizens.
  • Website users can benefit from the auto-invest solution to gain money passively without being too involved.
  • Newly registered users can receive a 0,5% bonus added to their return rate during the following 3 months.


  • Peerberry is mostly suitable for short-term lending, but if you are looking for a long-term solution, it is better to try other platforms.
  • While an auto-investing feature is available, it is still necessary to monitor it from time to time to ensure that all money is reinvested.


If you are looking for where to invest money online, investment funds can be a good solution. Before choosing an investment service to use, it is important to take in all pros and cons of these platforms. Some disadvantages cannot be considered cons by certain investors, but others might find these features inconvenient. The main things to consider when starting to invest are the payment options available and the minimum investment amount. The smaller the investment available, the easier it is to begin investing with limited started capital.

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