Evarvest launches Stock Trading App Uniting the World’s Stock Exchanges to Investors Across the Globe

Evarvest launches Stock Trading App Uniting the World’s Stock Exchanges to Investors Across the Globe
24.05.2019 07:37 am

Evarvest launches Stock Trading App Uniting the World’s Stock Exchanges to Investors Across the Globe

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Evarvest, a Lithuania-based start-up established with a goal of uniting the world’s stock exchanges and making them more widely accessible, reveals plans to launch a unique trading solution addressed to the next generation of investors. The soon-to-be-released app will provide users with an easy to use, transparent and low cost way to access stocks, bonds and ETFs in over 30 stocks markets around the world. Evarvest has already confirmed commission free access to the US stock market which is the largest in the world.
The solution developed by Evarvest doesn’t look like traditional trading apps. With its functional and user-friendly interface, easy picking stock playlists, no minimum account balances and incentives for community engagement, it is much more similar to popular social media platforms. Its users will be able to create and share their own portfolios as well as follow the portfolios of their friends and Evarvest top performing investors. Another important feature implemented in the app will be a new kind of watchlist, one that tracks your returns since adding a stock to it. This acts as a practice portfolio, where users will be able to try their investment strategies, for free and risk-free.
Founder and CEO Stephanie Brennan said: “The idea for Evarvest’s stock trading app was born out of the desire to change the outdated and complex financial system worldwide, while also helping others to start investing. The finance industry can’t keep up with the needs and expectations of modern investors the way that tech companies like Facebook, Uber and Spotify can – both in terms of convenience and cost-efficiency. Today, people need easy, quick and inexpensive investment solutions, which aren’t restricted by any barriers. This is exactly what we will be offering. Our app will make it possible to invest in some of the world’s most recognisable brands with just two clicks on a mobile, and with little to no cost so your investment returns are not being diluted by fees.” 
Apart from trading services, the users of Evarvest app will also have access to the built-in news feed section and dedicated Educational Library created by the company in order to promote financial literacy and help people make wise investment decisions, securing their financial future. 
“From the beginning, our core focus has been on solving investment education-related issues. At Evarvest, we believe that the first step to building wealth is knowing how to. With technology and more specifically, Google, we have access to a vast amount of information. That is why we created our Educational Library. Our goal has been to focus on a wide range of useful, and more importantly, practical insights into investing. We have three key sections to our Educational Library, ‘The Dictionary’, which translates industry jargon into plain English, ‘The Watchlist’, which gives thought provoking investment opportunities on global stock markets, and ‘Trader’s Guide’, which shows others how the knowledge works in practice”,  Brennan continued.
Evarvest marks an important step towards making the finance industry more accessible to the masses. Although 93% of stock market value is divided between three continents, America, Europe and Asia, the access to these markets is limited and the cost is high. Upon the launch of its application, Evarvest will offer a number of attractive international trade capabilities combined with banking level security and low commission rates unusual for traditional brokerages. Evarvest’s users will be allowed to buy and sell US stocks at no cost, while the fees for other stock exchanges will be kept to a minimum.
The application will be rolled out in the second half of 2019. The first launch markets it will be available to investors in are the UK, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Lithuania before expanding to other European markets as well as USA, Australia and Asia.

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