Entrepreneurs Need Search No Longer; New Qodeo App Provides ‘Dating-style’ Service with Funders

  • Investment
  • 05.08.2022 03:25 pm

A unique service which replicates popular dating apps to match start-up and young company leaders with established venture capitalists and private equity firms can now be accessed via a mobile app.

Qodeo, which offers a packed database of qualified funders, has made it simple for entrepreneurs to connect with, and start forging relationships with, the providers of much-needed funds from the convenience of their smartphones. Just 24 hours after the launch of the app, the algorithm which powers the Qodeo matches is showing 46,217 ‘cool’ matches and 4,180 ‘warm’ matches.

The Qodeo app, which is available in both Apple and Android versions, works in tandem with the online service. Subscribers will be able to see who they have been matched with, draw up a shortlist and use a handy messaging feature to make contact. 

A subscription to Qodeo costs just £10 per month and cuts down the number of times entrepreneurs are spending to find a suitable funding match. They also benefit from Qodeo’s focus on providing solutions and speeding up networks, with access to proprietary research into market trends and tips for finding VC or PE backers for their businesses.

“The low-cost Qodeo service online has taken off, and our new app further facilitates the matching of young businesses with investors, who love the dating-style functionality,” said Simon Glass, CEO at Qodeo. “More and more business is being done digitally, and we want to help regional and diverse entrepreneurs, as well as our other subscribers, to get started on their fund-raising journey by connecting them with the right partners. The Qodeo app enables this.”

Go to the Google Play Store to download the Android app and to the App Store for iOS devices. Entrepreneurs can subscribe to Qodeo here while Qodeo is free for investors who can sign up online.

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