CYOTC: Brand New Store Launch at Yuen Long

  • Investment , Bitcoins
  • 31.03.2022 10:10 am

In recent years, the emerging investment industry - cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc., have become a new trend in the market. Entering 2022, Bitcoin has fallen rapidly within 10 days, with a single-day drop of 5%, which has caused many investors to worry. Although the investment risk of cryptocurrency is high, stable coins are one that can play a risk-averse role for investors. In 2022, CYOTC has launched their store in Yuen Long, with free consultation seminars to help investors solve problems and assess risks.

CYOTC provides exchange services for USD Tether and Hong Kong dollar and holds regular talks for beginners to gain knowledge of cryptocurrency investment. According to CoinGecko's data, as of March 8, the circulation of stablecoins on the entire network has exceeded $187.2 billion, of which USDT ranks first with $80.2 billion, and USDC ranks second with $52.6 billion. The increase of stablecoins has accelerated significantly and entered a typical period of rapid expansion. CYOTC's stablecoins transactions are suitable for transactions ranging from small to millions of dollars. In addition, they offer complimentary one-on-one tutoring to help customers better understand their own investment products.

CYOTC's Background

The initial tie that Chan formed with Bitcoin was through her client. Since then, Chan has started to grow her knowledge of cryptocurrency. After gaining a complete understating of cryptocurrency's huge market potential, Chan has been committed to promoting cryptocurrency to Hong Kong people.

Chan has been positive about Bitcoin's and Ether's development since 2020 when the market value of Bitcoin and Ether were around 9,000 US dollars and 200 US dollars respectively. While the market value of Bitcoin was only about 400 US dollars in 2014. The upside potential of Bitcoin is huge and the growth of its market value could be said to outperform many investment products. Many people made their first pot of gold as they followed Chan's advice on cryptocurrency investment.

Being able to help other people has further reinforced Chan's confidence in cryptocurrency. Moreover, she received many requests for assistance due to fraud in cryptocurrency transactions. This has planted the seeds in Chan's mind to open CYOTC as she believed that cryptocurrency is a good investment product and should not be used as a cheat on people.

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