Antler Launches Web3 Investment Drive

  • Investment
  • 06.12.2021 10:30 am

Antler, a global early-stage VC, has launched an initiative that aims to bring thousands of exceptional founders into the emerging world of Web3 and gain access to specialized Web3 resources

Antler, a global early-stage venture capital investor, with 350 portfolio companies across 17 cities across the world, has officially put out a call to founders and teams interested in building in Web3 to join its global cohorts. 

Antler already works with founders and early-stage companies across 17 cities worldwide, and will invest from the pre-seed stage in high potential Web3 founders, connecting them to a global network of advisors, protocols, and experienced Web3 investors. Antler’s Web3 team will work with various local funds to identify and invest in both existing ventures and high-caliber new founders jumping into Web3.

This initiative will be led by Nitin Sharma, an Antler Partner with several years of blockchain investing experience and 16 prior investments in the space, Markus Bruderer, who has led multiple Antler blockchain investments in South East Asia, and Cathy Guo, previously founder of a crypto infra startup. In addition to this, Antler already has a strong portfolio of 14 blockchain technology companies at a global scale, including Xanpool, Hodlnaut, Art Wall Street, Alpha Impact, and many others.

Due to its global network, resources, and partner companies, Antler creates a tangible opportunity that existing Web3 founders, and those transitioning from Web2 to Web3,could capitalise on. As part of this initiative, Antler’s partners will include Solana and Polygon, two of the world’s largest developer ecosystems, as well as Questbook, one of the fastest growing Web3 developer communities. The effort will also involve the support of 12+ industry advisors including the founders of Xanpool, IOTA, Zilliqa Research, Mudrex, Mesh.Finance, OnJuno, Persistence One, Molecule and Chainstack. Founders in the Antler network will benefit tremendously from access to these learning resources, support across distribution and team-building, as well as extended capital partnerships. 

As Nitin Sharma, Partner and global blockchain lead at Antler says, “Web2 is broken. In Web3 and DeFi, there is a new Internet and a new financial system being built - with DAOs, crypto and NFTs as the building blocks. One where users and communities will be in far bigger control of value creation, identity and data sovereignty.” 

“At Antler, we have been expanding our Web3 portfolio, and believe the world is now ready for thousands of new founders to jump in and create a decentralized Web3 that will take shape within the next 4-5 years. This is a revolution we can help catalyze as the only early-stage investor with such a vast global footprint. That’s why with this global call, we are launching a coordinated effort across 17 locations, to enable new founders to “level up to Web3” with us. In one go and from day one, founders we work with will have access to the entire breadth of our network, plus specialized protocol relationships and advisors, to reach users, developers and investors in five continents.” 

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