Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) and Kalos Financial Partner to Streamline Processes and Advance Alt Investing

  • Investment
  • 01.03.2021 03:03 pm

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), the platform making it easy to buy, own, and sell alternative investments, and Kalos Financial (Kalos), a full-service independent financial solution firm pioneering the endowment model for individual investors, are partnering to improve the alt investing experience for financial professionals and their clients.

As an independent broker-dealer, Kalos’ products are meeting and exceeding the needs of its advisors’ clients. Partnering with AIX enables Kalos to greatly streamline its alternative investment transaction process by affording its advisors a point and click experience much the way mutual funds are traded.

“Offering AIX’s cutting-edge platform is the latest example of how Kalos continues to expand our technology offering to help our advisors grow their business and better serve their clients,” said Chrissy Lee, President and COO of Kalos. "AIX provides our advisors with an exceptional, intuitive alt investing experience, while also helping to reduce NIGO issues. We look forward to our continued partnership with AIX.”

Joining Kalos on the AIX platform are many of its sponsors and transfer agency partners. The relationship with Kalos builds upon AIX’s efforts to establish direct data connectivity with multiple transfer agents, including Phoenix American and Great Lakes Fund Solutions, Inc. (Great Lakes).

With Kalos and its partners onboarded, AIX is ensuring a fully paperless process, front-to-back, with no manual intervention that is transforming the way alternative investing is done. Several product sponsors on the Kalos network are now on the AIX platform.

“Through our digital platform, AIX is authentically connecting sponsors, advisors, and wealth managers to create seamless data-driven processes that enhance compliance and reduce friction in the alternatives space,” said Brad West, COO of AIX. “We believe this partnership is a reference point for the industry that underscores how alt business should be done. Further, this increases our network mass whereby, as more custodians, transfer agents, and product sponsors join the platform, increased value is realized by all involved.”


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