Alphaniti Lines Up Multiple Forays in Digital Businesses

  • Investment
  • 02.06.2021 03:28 pm

Alphaniti, a fast-growing Fintech organization gears up to straddle multiple digital consumer businesses along the value chain in theFintech space by leveraging on its deep domain expertise, technology and big data.

The company has recently received approval for changing its name to ALPHANITI Fintech Private Ltd. from the earlier Finaureus Technologies Pvt Ltd. The purpose of the name change is to have Alphaniti as the Umbrella brand for all its existing and new business initiatives. “This is a significant milestone for us, as it sets in motion our objective of building disruptive ‘direct to consumer’ technology-led businesses across prominent categoriesin the BFSI space”, said Arindam Ghosh, CEO.

Alphaniti’s flagship product is a data-driven, rule-based and technology-enabled platform, which allows Indian Investors to directly Invest in Indian andUS markets and choose from a wide range of offerings covering Equity, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

In a short span of time, Alphaniti has entered into strategic partnerships with a rapidly growing universe of leading equity brokers that allows investors to enjoy a rich experience of seamless execution and completely frictionless digital journey. “Our platform has been currently witnessing daily trafficvolume in 4 digits and we expect this to exponentially grow by atleast 25X as we go deeper and wider through our platforms and high quality offerings” commented Nanda S, COO.

Alphaniti has a strategic partnership with Validea of US, a SEC registered Fund Management Company. Speaking on the occasion U R Bhat, CIO added “This partnership brings to bear a unique blend of Alphaniti’s extensive experience in the Indian market and Validea’s enviable US capabilitiesto offer an extensive range of best-performing products which have been running live in the US and are now being offered to Indian Investors fortheir portfolio diversification and investment needs”

Alphaniti recently launched its unique stock recommendation engine “STOCKZ GENIE” for the Indian market. It has been built on statistical models and has been rigorously back-tested to generate buy/ sell signals for Indian Stocks. Stockz Genie offers unbiased stock selection and uniqueindicators like the probability of success and risk-reward score. The stock recommendations cover companies across the large, mid and small cap spectrum and extends over multiple time horizons, from short term to long term. The engine has features that enable users to execute and track the trade in a single click and is equipped with a precise target and stop loss to help the investors time their entry and exit. Additionally, the platform has an extensive range of high-quality Stock Baskets covering a wide range of secular themes and diverse portfolio strategies with a strong performancetrack record since inception.

Alphaniti is also launching a single stock recommendation engine for US stocks which is built on Validea’s proprietary stock scoring system. “We believe this will add deep value to a growing segment of Indian Investors as well as to the global diaspora wanting to Invest in the US market on thebasis of on-ground local research and insights, rather than relying on unreliable & remote methods of advice” avers Akshay Badjate, HeadInvestments.


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